Vendor Management – The Importance of Actively Managing 3rd Party Vendors

Vendor Management | Importance of Actively Managing 3rd Party Vendors

Organizations rely on third-party vendors for a variety of services, from payroll processing to HVAC maintenance to information technology services. Every vendor relationship brings potential security risks, and shortfalls in one vendor can compromise sensitive data throughout the supply chain. Vendor management programs, service level agreements, and long-term monitoring are valuable tools for managing vendor…

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Ensure Cyber Risk Management Doesn’t Impede Business Performance

Risk Management

Cyber security has become a priority for most organizations, and rightly so. Data breaches are a real risk, and cybercriminals aren’t going away. The “prohibition” approach (or “zero trust”), which limits access to web pages and applications, is a go-to model for data protection. But are security programs interfering with business performance? Research suggests that…

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