The Huge ROI of Achieving NIST 800-171 Compliance for CMMC

ROI for NIST-800-171

Why the ROI Can Be Significant When You Achieve NIST 800-171 Compliance for CMMC

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the agency that promotes the highest cybersecurity standards for public and private sector IT networks. This agency has updated Special Publication 800-171 to help protect sensitive government data that may be found within the private sector IT network. While the purpose is clear — to safeguard any Controlled Unclassified Information and ensure that the contractor is in line with obligations — there are nevertheless benefits associated with compliance. So, what return on investment could you expect if you fully adopt this latest standard within the Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework?

Keeping Customers Happy

When your small to medium-sized business puts its maximum focus on security, you can keep your information safe and make your company more attractive to customers as well. You’ll show them that you intend to protect their data through NIST 800-171 support and that you’re taking clear and conscientious steps to do so. By implication, you are investing in compliance because you value their business and want to earn their trust. They will be less likely to take their trade elsewhere, while your stance may attract other customers.

Avoiding Data Breach Costs

You’ll be aware that a potential data breach could be very costly to your organization, perhaps reaching into the millions of dollars. After all, there have been some horror stories related to recent data breaches, which can trigger an infringement fine. These fines can be significant and could even bankrupt smaller businesses. Surely, you’ll want to avoid this type of risk and will want to be proactive as you deal with potential threats in the marketplace. By following 800-171, you will be better informed and educated, so you can take immediate steps should any data be jeopardized.

Reducing Downtime

Remember that a massive security breach could lead to significant downtime and associated costs. Also, if you cannot serve your customers due to a breach, your reputation could suffer. Alternatively, if you have NIST 800-171 support, you’ll be able to respond more quickly and minimize downtime.

Qualifying for Contracts

Lastly, you can increase your chances of qualifying for future DoD government work if you play by the book. If you want to handle Controlled Unclassified Information and have taken the steps to get into compliance, you may be eligible for future contracts.

Competitive Advantage

When you achieve NIST 800-171 compliance for CMMC, you’ll have a competitive advantage within the DoD contractor community. Should you need any more information about NIST 800-171 and how compliance for CMMC can pay dividends, reach out to us for advice.

Emory Vandiver

Emory Vandiver is the Vice President of Business Operations and a Partner at Interactive Security, where he is responsible for executing the company's strategy as a premier IT Security and Compliance provider. For over 20 years Emory has worked for leading enterprises across a diverse cross section of the information technology industry. His professional passion lies in understanding client business goals, challenging the status quo and leveraging technology-based solutions to maximize client performance. He strives to bring unique insight and value to his clients' businesses, along with a superior customer experience.