Your Credentials Have Been Compromised – Now What?

Password Security

You’ve just discovered there are compromised employee credentials or other sensitive data of your company exposed and available on the Dark Web. The reality is, once exposed on the Dark Web, your information cannot ever be completely removed or hidden. You cannot file a complaint or contact a support line to demand your data be…

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DFARS Interim Rule – Need to Act NOW

DFARS Interim Rule

What Is DFARS Interim Rule? DFARS is a set of legal requirements demanding that all Department of Defense (DoD) contractors meet predefined cyber security standards. In September 2020, the DoD released the DFARS Interim Rule that took effect on November 30, 2020. The new interim rule introduced three additional clauses to DFARS: 7019, 7020, and…

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Cyber Security – A Top Business Risk….and Opportunity in 2021

Cyber Security | A Top Business Risk and Opportunity in 2021

Cyber security remains a critical element to any organization as cyber threats continue to become increasingly sophisticated, expensive, and disruptive.  As detailed below, there are many high-profile examples of cyber breaches, however it’s very important to understand that the same risk level applies to every company equally – regardless of size, industry etc. According to…

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Build a Corporate Privacy Program

Build a Corporate Privacy Program | Interactive Security

In this age of rapidly evolving technology, a corporate privacy program is indispensable to a large organization. Regulations that govern personal data collection and storage are becoming more stringent worldwide. An organization needs a dedicated team to keep everyone up to date on the latest rulings and risks. A formal privacy program establishes leadership and…

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