covid-19 dark web

COVID-19 and The State of the Dark Web (and Your Data) 2020

It’s no secret that large corporations and SMBs alike are struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as social distancing measures slow global economic activity. Unfortunately, bad actors are not taking time off. In fact, the rapid shift to telework has only made company data more vulnerable, increasing the importance of comprehensive security. When times are tough, no company can afford…
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what is fedramp

What is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP stands for Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. It is: Designed to make sure that cloud services used by the government and other entities are secure, safe, and reliable Mandatory for all organizations that provide cloud services to government entities A uniform program that deals with security assessment, authorization, and observation for entities dealing…
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Critical Data Security Program

Why Executive Buy-in Is Critical for a Successful Data Security Program

But First, Why Data Security Needs To Be a Company Priority… Cybersecurity threats and data breaches have haunted establishments the world over since vulnerabilities accessible via the internet were revealed. Earlier tinkering with yet-to-be-discovered computer capabilities led Bob Thomas to invent the Creeper (on the ARPANET), to which Ray Tomlinson (the man who invented email)…
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what is phishing

The Value of Simulated Phishing Attacks to Organizations

What is Phishing? On January 2, 1996, the “AOHell” cyber threat struck America Online (AOL), at that time the No.1 internet provider in the country. AOHell was the name of one of the thousands of programs created by hackers to be used for stealing passwords and credit card information by using AOL’s instant messenger and email…
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Consumer Privacy Act

States with Consumer Data Privacy Laws

NEVADA’S ACT RELATING TO INTERNET PRIVACY Senate Bill 220, or “An Act relating to Internet privacy,” will require organizations who run websites that collect and maintain data to comply months ahead of 2020, by October 1, 2019 THE CALIFORNIA CONSUMER PRIVACY ACT (CCPA) A state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for…
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Nist 800-171 compliance

Review of NIST 800-171

NIST 800-171—All You Need to Know In this day and age, information is king. This means that data handling and recordkeeping are critical processes that help businesses build and maintain the trust and confidence of their vendors, contractors, partners, and customers. Of course, when the federal government gets involved in any way, cybersecurity for the protection…
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obtaining nist compliance

Obtaining NIST 800-171 Compliance

Achieving NIST 800-171 Compliance For organizations handling controlled unclassified information (CUI), ensuring data protection is paramount as this data can be a target for serious, sophisticated cyberattacks. In fact, past and current orchestrated attacks on programs and assets containing CUI have prompted the Department of Defense (DoD) to work with and get the assistance of…
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cybersecurity auditing auditor

Cybersecurity Auditing – Work with the RIGHT Auditor

Why a Focus on Cybersecurity is Critical? Cybersecurity, data breaches, and other digital era dangers show up in headlines every day.  The even more sobering reality is that most of these events never become public knowledge.  In other words, we only hear about a small percentage of the incidents. Just within the past few months,…
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managed IT services providers

MSPs are Priority Targets for Hackers

Managed (IT) Services Providers, or “MSP”s, have increasingly become the target of hackers especially since the beginning of 2019.  And as a result, over the last twelve months, several documented attacks have taken place, with various hacking groups gaining unauthorized access to thousands of computers and the computer networks of MSP’s clients. Once an MSP is breached,…
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california consumer protection act

Intro to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

CCPA Compliance for Businesses The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) comes into effect on January 1, 2020.  Its provisions are focused on the protection of consumer privacy and will affect all companies dealing with consumer data in California.  Companies will be required to ensure that they have comprehensive compliance policies in place to protect both…
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dark web internet security firm

The Dark Web

The Dark Web—Dangers That Lurk and How to Avoid Them Everyone who has ever been on the internet uses the Surface Web, which is the section of the World Wide Web that’s accessible to the public and searchable using the usual search engines. However, there’s a place on the internet where users are virtually untraceable:…
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vendor management services

Building a Vendor Management Program

Whether you want to make your internal and vendor audit programs better or need help creating them, it’s critical to engage an experienced team of professionals to help ensure you have everything in place to meet both your clients’ and your regulatory demands. Reviewing your current audit program may result in needing an upgrade—or even…
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IT Security Solutions

Benefits of Using a Virtual CSO/CPO

ORGANIZATIONS NEED TO ANTICIPATE AREAS OF IT RISK AND STRATEGIZE TO MANAGE IT AT THE EXECUTIVE LEVEL. A virtual CSO can bring both strategic and operational leadership on security to companies that can’t afford a full-time person in the role. Security is crucial in a technological environment, especially with all the complex risks that accompany…
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IT Security Awareness

Building A Security Awareness Program

It’s not wise to assume that employees know even the most basic tenets of cybersecurity. To prepare employees for a sophisticated cyberattack, a cybersecurity professional is needed who understands that security requires a proactive approach and is always current on all the latest tactics of cybercriminals. Today’s business leaders may believe their company is too…
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risk assessment

Completing A Yearly Risk Assessment

A best practice for protecting IT systems against everchanging and costly cyber threats Yearly assessments are necessary because no organization in the 21st century can afford for IT systems to face compromise without a plan of defense, response, and recovery. For some organizations, yearly reports are an exercise in box checking. Leadership wants reports, but…
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GDPR Compliance Consultants

Complying with Privacy Shield and GDPR

A MUST FOR DOING INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL BUSINESS TODAY. To combat the explosion of digital malefactors aiming to steal and disrupt, Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation have emerged to protect data and international business. Despite what the media may think, the interconnected global economy is nothing new. The economic collapse of the early…
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HIPAA Risk Assessment

Justifying Regular Risk Assessments

A cyberattack could mean a significant loss of business, lawsuits or much worse. Performing regular risk assessments help generate a greater sense of trust with clients and investors and as a result, better position companies to win business and strengthen their reputation. Is it ever “OK” for a company to be willing to risk losing…
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Workplace Compliance Services

Top 10 Myths of Security Risk Analysis

Interactive Security strives to provide clarity in the complex world of Information Technology. Here, we review 10 of the top myths of IT Security Compliance and Risk Analysis: The security risk analysis is optional for small providers. False. All providers who are “covered entities” under HIPAA are required to perform a risk analysis. In addition,…
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IT Security Compliance

Understanding Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing ~ And why they both are important

Why You Need Both Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans Threats to data and system security have never been more numerous or sophisticated. Only last year, the City of Atlanta spent millions to restore their systems after a ransomware attack.  Great Britain reported a 200 percent leap in ransomware attacks from 2018 into 2019.  Even worse,…
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IT Regulations and Compliance

How to protect against Ransomware Cyberattacks Strikes

Protect Vital Data and Operations Against Ransomware Attacks Ransomware has seized a prime position in global headlines. Major targets, such as the city of Atlanta or an Australian heart hospital, gain most of the attention. Cybercriminals, however, understand that business, government, and nonprofit operations on a smaller scale struggle to pay for defenses against attack.…
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Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The Case for Virtual CISO Services

Effectively leverage all the SKILLS of a ciso at a much lower cost. To ensure fulfillment of information security mandates and comply with given standards and laws, some organizations rely on an outsourced Trusted Advisor In 2019 virtually every organization from small startups to large corporations understand the need to focus on information security to…
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Auditing IT Infrastructures for Compliance

Grow Company Revenue Through Data Security Compliance

Gain a Competitive Edge with Data Security Compliance The complexities of operating any organization can be quite daunting, especially considering today’s technology-centric world.  Data security and compliance against various industry standards/regulations has become a fundamental business requirement of operating an organization in any industry. Fortunately, along with this new technology challenge of compliance, comes a…
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Cybersecurity for Healthcare Industry

Top 5 Cybersecurity Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Industry

Cybersecurity is growing as a challenge to healthcare, with increasingly frequent breaches occurring at various points along the way.  Cybersecurity presents even greater challenges than other industries based on scope alone. The industry is far-reaching, implements a diversity of data, and lacks the sophisticated equipment needed to protect it. Cybersecurity is growing as a challenge…
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PCI DSS Service Provider

Saving Money with a PCI-DSS Scope Reduction

Protecting personal and financial information is paramount to the well-being any individual or organization.
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