Virtual Chief Security Officer / Chief Privacy Officer Roles

Interactive Security's Virtual CSO/CPO

Businesses, public and private organizations and associations continue to experience dynamic and complex risk environments. The effective management of these environments is a fundamental requirement today and will continue to be so in the future. Stakeholders expect organizations and government agencies to anticipate, manage areas of risk, and set in place a comprehensive and cohesive strategy across all functional lines. It is expected that an organization's leadership will respond quickly and effectively to events and incidents that threaten organizational assets and operations. Thus, a proactive strategy for security/risk mitigation supports sustainable, healthy, productive organizations and is a critical responsibility of senior leadership and governing boards.

Organizations expect a responsible and accountable Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) to protect:

  • Organizational & Brand Reputation
  • Uninterrupted reliability of the Technical Infrastructure and Normal Business Processes
  • Physical & Financial Assets
  • From loss or compromise of Intellectual Properties & Trade Secrets
  • The Safety of Employees & Customers
  • The Preservation of Shareholder Confidence
  • Meet all Regulations and Compliance

To ensure fulfillment of these mandates and comply with given standards and laws, some corporations rely on an outsourced Trusted Advisor to work alongside their business leaders to assist them in developing and executing a strategic security plan that identifies, prepares for, and responds to business related security risks having an impact on the organization.

Interactive Security's Virtual CSO/CPO enables organizations to leverage all the duties of a Chief Security Officer (CSO) or Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) at a much lower cost, facilitating them to better balance security demands with strategic business needs. A Virtual CSO/CPO allows companies with constrained resources to receive board-level assets that advance corporate security, compliance and governance programs without having to allocate funds to hire a dedicated security professional and their respective team. Our Virtual CSO/CPO service is customized for each customer so that their unique needs are met in the most efficient manner. This service offers clients the flexibility to use it on a project basis for specific corporate security initiatives or as an open-ended retainer for more long-term support. To ensure success, Interactive Security, will conduct a thorough risk, threat and vulnerability assessment at the outset.Are you wondering about Interactive Security's Virtual CSO/CPO? Contact the Interactive Security team at 267-824-2500 or We’re here to help make cybersecurity and compliance audits Obtainable, Simple and Affordable!