Benefits of Using a Third-Party Cyber Security Service

Third-Party Cyber Security Service

Cybercriminals and terrorists never rest, not even during global pandemics. The cost will almost always weigh heavier on smaller businesses and organizations that lack the expertise to protect themselves against online threats. In-house security requires businesses to invest heavily in hiring or training qualified staff. However, many organizations struggle to find sufficient resources to cover their…

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Application Security Begins at Planning

application security planning

Why Application Security Should Begin at Planning As cybersecurity threats become more potent and prevalent, the need to make apps more secure by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities and enhancing their security is critical. Application security has been getting more attention lately, especially after the Veracode “State of Software Security Vol. 10” report revealed that 83…

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Managing Security Threats from Within

Cybersecurity Threats

4 Tips for Managing Cybersecurity Threats from Within Most companies usually develop and implement cybersecurity strategies aimed at external threats. However, according to the Ponemon Institute’s and IBM Security’s “2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report,” cyberattacks from the outside only account for half of data breaches; the other half stems from internal factors, including…

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