The Case for Virtual CISO Services

Effectively leverage all the SKILLS of a Virtual CISO at a much lower cost.

To ensure fulfillment of information security mandates and comply with given standards and laws, some organizations rely on an outsourced Trusted Advisor

In 2019 virtually every organization from small startups to large corporations understand the need to focus on information security to protect their applications and data.  And it has become increasingly common to assign this responsibility to an Information Security Officer (ISO) or sometimes a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who can oversee all aspects of data protection including among other things: governance and security standards, identity management, security operations, cyber protection and cyber response.  Obviously others in the organization will work with the CISO to execute programs, projects and daily operations.  But make no mistake, the CISO role is key to limiting business disruption and lowering risk.  A tall order that comes with a pretty high price tag!

So are there alternatives?  Fortunately yes.  One to consider is a virtual CISO or vCISO.  And there are many reasons why this may be a fit for your organization:


According to, the average salary across the country for a CISO is well over $200,000.  The reality is that CISO salaries are driven less by their contribution to organizational goals than by supply and demand of the position itself.  That means that many organizations just cannot attract individuals to fill the position at a price they can afford.  That’s where CISO as a Service – or Virtual CISO (vCISO) – could be the answer.  vCISO services enable organizations to leverage all the duties of a CISO at a much lower cost.


Using vCISO services gives an organization access to a broader and deeper information security skill sets.  Even organizations that can afford to hire a Virtual CISO that meets the required skills are often forced to compromise on many of the “preferred” skills.  Using vCISO services allows an organization to tap into the knowledge of a team of experts across a wide range of experiences.  The combination of subject matter experts and CISO’s with real world experience offers many advantages over a full time CISO.


Let’s face it, you are in business to leverage your employees’ knowledge and expertise to provide goods or services better than your competition.  That means that you need to focus on bringing the best talent on board and incenting them to meet or exceed company goals.  Information security is a critical component to protect this investment.  You can get the best and brightest from Virtual CISO services that allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business.

Our Virtual CSO/CPO service is customized for each customer so that their unique needs are met in the most efficient manner.  This service offers clients the flexibility to use it on a project basis for specific corporate security initiatives or as an open-ended retainer for more long-term support. To ensure success, Interactive Security, will conduct a thorough risk, threat and vulnerability assessment at the outset.


Interactive Security, Inc. has been at the forefront of providing industry leading expert information technology security services to clients across the globe – focused on IT Security Auditing & Compliance.


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Shawn Corrigan

Shawn Corrigan is the President and Founder of Interactive Security Holdings Inc. Interactive Security has grown into a global company offering IT Compliance Auditing services for small to large companies - focused on making it obtainable, simple and affordable. With over 20 years in the BPO and Financial industry working at the executive level, Corrigan has experienced the pitfalls, trials and tribulations of bringing an enterprise organization into IT compliance. Corrigan has designed a methodology geared at guiding clients of any size to successfully achieve compliance and ultimately obtain compliance certification. Corrigan is certified as a FISMA – NIST Implementor, PCI-DSS QSA, HiTRUST Certified Practitioner and HiTRUST Certified Quality Professional, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and Implementor