Email Phishing – Your Organization’s Biggest Cyber Threat

Email Phishing Cyber Threat

All it takes is a single email for hackers to gain access and steal company data. Whenever an email lands in your inbox, there’s a chance it’s a phishing scam. This is because email phishing scams are extremely common. In fact, studies suggest that phishing scams cause 90% of all company data breaches. So how do…

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Beware – Cyber Security Language in Your Third-Party Contracts

cyber security contracts

Cyber security is a constantly changing field with constantly changing requirements. Recently, companies have found increasing technical jargon inserted into their contracts with third parties (ie customers and vendors).  These companies seek to ensure that they are protecting themselves from cyber threats by the way of third parties that they connect to. However, this technical…

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Application Security Begins at Planning

application security planning

Why Application Security Should Begin at Planning As cybersecurity threats become more potent and prevalent, the need to make apps more secure by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities and enhancing their security is critical. Application security has been getting more attention lately, especially after the Veracode “State of Software Security Vol. 10” report revealed that 83…

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Did your Pandemic Plan Perform?

Did your Pandemic Plan Perform

Worldwide health crises like the COVID-19 global pandemic, SARS in 2003 and the avian flu of 2008 are bleak reminders of how governments, social institutions and economies can succumb to biological forces beyond human control. The breakdown in the socio-political and economic fabric of affected nations — both developed and developing — reveal how lack…

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Data Security Compliance Risk Without Compliant Vendors?

data security compliance - Vendor Management Program

How to Ensure Vendor Compliance Data security compliance regulations are designed to help companies ensure the integrity, security and availability of the sensitive data they handle. Organizations must comply with these rules and guidelines to protect their systems and data from security breaches and other types of risks. With the tremendous amount of data handled and…

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COVID-19 and The State of the Dark Web (and Your Data) 2020

covid-19 dark web

It’s no secret that large corporations and SMBs alike are struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as social distancing measures slow global economic activity. Unfortunately, bad actors are not taking time off. In fact, the rapid shift to telework has only made company data more vulnerable, increasing the importance of comprehensive security. When times are tough, no company can afford…

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Review of NIST 800-171

Nist 800-171 compliance

NIST 800-171—All You Need to Know In this day and age, information is king. This means that data handling and recordkeeping are critical processes that help businesses build and maintain the trust and confidence of their vendors, contractors, partners, and customers. Of course, when the federal government gets involved in any way, cybersecurity for the protection…

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Obtaining NIST 800-171 Compliance

NIST 800-171

Achieving NIST 800-171 Compliance For organizations handling controlled unclassified information (CUI), ensuring data protection is paramount as this data can be a target for serious, sophisticated cyberattacks. In fact, past and current orchestrated attacks on programs and assets containing CUI have prompted the Department of Defense (DoD) to work with and get the assistance of…

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Cybersecurity Auditing – Work with the RIGHT Auditor

Cybersecurity Auditing

Why a Focus on Cybersecurity is Critical? Cybersecurity Auditing, data breaches, and other digital era dangers show up in headlines every day.  The even more sobering reality is that most of these events never become public knowledge.  In other words, we only hear about a small percentage of the incidents. Just within the past few…

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